Beginners Guide To Astronomy

Beginners Guide To Astronomy

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Welcome to Learn Astronomy HQ's guide for beginners to amateur astronomy. This free guide covers how to get started cheaply in astronomy. As you progress in the hobby the guide covers purchasing a telescope and accessories. Once you have your equipment the guide covers setting up a telescope, what to look for in the night sky, how to develop your knowledge of the night sky and provides a list of useful astronomy equipment to begin expanding your range and skills. At the end of the guide are links to finding many beginners deep space objects and the constellations.

Enjoy the guide and Clear Skies!

Part 1. Getting Started

Part 2. Binoculars or a telescope, which should I buy first?

Part 3. 5 Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Beginner's Astronomy Telescope

Part 4. Goto or Not Goto? That is the Question

Part 5. How to Set-up an Astronomy Telescope

Part 6. 8 Tips for Making Your Goto Telescope More Accurate

Part 7. 10 Easy Astronomical Objects to see From the City

Part 8. 5 Things to do on a Cloudy Night

Part 9. Which Eyepieces Do I Need?

Part 10. 10 Useful Astronomy Accessories

Part 11: How Can I See Deep Space Objects Better?

Part 12: How Can I See More Detail On Planets?

Part 13: How to Dress for Astronomical Success

Extras: Beginner Astronomy Telescopes

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