Best Astronomy Telescopes for Under £50

Best Astronomy Telescopes for Around £50

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So you have decided on a maximum budget of £50 for your astronomy telescope. At this price you might be better served purchasing a pair of good binoculars like these (Olympus 8x40 binoculars review). But if you have your heart set on a telescope then read on.

Now when it comes to choosing an astronomy telescope there are many considerations to make and to make matters worse if you ask a hundred amateur astronomers which telescope they recommend you'll probably receive close to a hundred different replies. But, one piece of advice that most will agree is if you are looking at this kind of price range avoid the telescopes you are likely to find in toy shops. They boast high magnification numbers and have pictures of beautiful Hubble quality images of nebulae on the box. Unfortunately, they are usually difficult to use and will probably end up in a cupboard after a few nights of frustration.

Before you make a purchase be sure to read and watch the video here:

5 Things you Need to Know Before Buying a Beginner's Astronomy Telescope

Now let's take a look at the best around £50 Astronomy telescopes. Below you’ll find a link to the comparison review for each telescope.

Celestron Firstscope 76

SkyWatcher Heritage 76

SkyWatcher Infinity 76P/300

Celestron 21035 Travelscope 70


So, there you have it four of the best telescopes around for astronomical observing for around 50 quid. They each have pros and cons but all make excellent cost effective beginner telescopes that make an ideal purchase if you haven't yet decided that you want to spend a lot more money on a hobby you aren't sure you will enjoy.

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