SkyWatcher Infinity 76P/300

SkyWatcher Infinity 76P/300 

Skywatcher Infinity 76P

Next up in the best telescope for around £50 is this unusual one from SkyWatcher.

The cheapest of the telescopes featured here. This unusually designed telescope is aimed more for kids. It is a 3 inch reflector scope like the two above but this one comes with an erected image. This makes it easier for children (and adults) to learn the night sky and find objects. It also means this scope can be used for terrestial viewing, like bird watching.

You can tell this is aimed at kids as it comes with stickers to adorn the scope with your own style. Another nice starter reflector telescope.

This telescope comes with one eyepiece which provides x30 magnification.

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Main comparison points:

Image the correct way up to help navigation

Stickers included for the kids

One magnification available (x30)

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