Sky-Watcher Heritage 76 review

Sky-Watcher Heritage 76


Next up in the best telescopes for around £50 is the Skywatcher Heritage 76mm telescope.

This telescope is essentially the same as the Celestron Firstscope except this one comes with a finderscope fitted. This is reflected in the increased price but it is still cheaper than buying the Celestron accessory kit for the finderscope.

The finderscope on these telescopes are very difficult to use. The telescopes are placed on a tabletop and trying to look through the finderscope means contorting your head between the finderscope and the table top which is nearly impossible. With that being said I wouldn't recommend choosing your telescope based on the finderscope alone. With this and the Celestron Firstscope it really comes down to which design you prefer on the scope.

This scope comes with 25mm and 10mm eyepieces. This will give you x12 and x30 magnification. Not as high as the Celestron but the 10mm will give more comfortable viewing than the 4mm and will be easier to use. This is because the higher the magnification the faster the object will move out of the field of view (due to the Earth's rotation) and also the higher the magnification the smaller the field of view so the harder it will be to find objects.

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Main comparison points:

Finderscope included, but difficult to use

25mm and 10mm eyepieces, make it easier to use but less magnification than the Celestron.

Inverted image makes navigating the night sky more difficult

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