Observing the Night Sky

Observing the Night Sky

Here you will find a list of all the articles and blog posts that are related to observing the night sky. The main links in red are to the constellation and deep space object guides.


Moon 101. How to Use the Moon to Improve Your Astronomy Skills 

The Strawberry Supermoon in June 

Around Imbrium - Gibbous Moon Watching Part 1 

Around Copernicus - Gibbous Moon Watching Part 2 

Around The Sea of Moisture - Gibbous Moon Watching Part 3 

What Can I See On The Moon? 

Solar System

Meteor showers 2015

Falling in Love with Deadly Venus

Viewing The Moons Of Our Solar System 

Meteor Showers - When and Where To Look 

Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter. How to Observe Them and Where to Look. 

When Will We See a Comet We Can Count On? 

The Top 10 Best Comets of All Time 

Look Out For The Northern Lights Surprise 

Getting Ready for the Comet ISON Coming this November and December 

Noctilucent Clouds - Space Cloud Season Starts Soon 

Hunting Comet PanSTARRS 

Best Stargazing Events in 2013 

Want to See Mars Up Close and Personal? 

Deep Space

How to Start Observing Deep Space Objects 

A Night in The Pleiades 

Why Star Constellations Matter 

Supernova in Messier 82 and How to See It 

Top 10 Best Double Stars to Observe in Autumn 

How to Sketch Galaxies Video 

Which Is The Biggest Galaxy Known? 

Tour the Virgo Cluster 

Oldest Known Star Older Than The Universe? 

What is the Caldwell List? 

How to Classify Open Star Clusters 

What is the Messier List and Who was Messier? 

Star Magnitude – Just What Can You See in the Night Sky? 

Observing Tips

Getting Started 

10 Easy Astronomical Objects to see From the City 

How to Set-up an Astronomy Telescope 

8 Tips for Making Your Goto Telescope More Accurate 

How Can I See Deep Space Objects Better? 

How to Dress for Astronomical Success 

5 Things to do on a Cloudy Night 

How To Stop Your Iphone Ruining Night Vision 

How to Set Up SkyWatcher's EQ5 Mount Video 

How to Keep a Logbook of Your Astronomical Observations 

How Can I See More Detail On Planets?

The Top 10 Celestial Objects for your First Telescope

How Much Magnification Can I Get With My Telescope?

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