Rosetta’s Comet As Seen From Earth

Rosetta’s Comet As Seen From Earth

Rosetta comet observed with Very Large Telescope node full image 2.jpg

Last week there were amazing close-up images of the comet, 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko taken by the spacecraft Rosetta as it orbits the comet. Now, the European Space Observatory have released a picture of the comet as viewed from Earth. The comet is very faint as it is still 500 million km from the Sun but the image clearly shows the comet’s tail developing. 

This image was constructed from 40 exposures lasting fifty seconds superimposed on each other and then the background stars were removed. The images were taken by the 8 metre diameter telescope at the European southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in the southern hemisphere.

Sadly, the spaceship can’t be seen in the image as that would have been truly awe-inspiring.

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Image credit:

C. Snodgrass/ESO/ESA

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