Constellation - Leo

Constellation - Leo

Constellation Leo

Leo is one of the zodiac constellations. These are the constellations that the sun passes through in a year. It is best seen in Spring in the northern hemisphere. It can be easily recognised as it contains one of the brightest stars in the night sky, called Regulus (labelled 1.4 on the chart above). This star forms the front foot and is the bottom of the easy to see backward question mark that forms the mane and head of the constellation. Leo contains several galaxies from the Messier catalogue. In November Leo is home to the magnificent meteor shower the Leonids, peaking on November 17th which can reach a peak of 500,000 per hour! Although, a rate of 20-30 per hour is more usual.


Leo is considered to be the Nimean Lion. This lion terrorized the region. Hercules was sent as the first of his 12 labours to kill the lion. Unfortunately, the lion's pelt was found to be impervious to weapons. So Hercules, using his mighty strength strangled the lion to death.

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Caldwell 40 or NGC 3626 is a spiral galaxy found some 70 million light years away. Discovered by William Herchel on 14th March 1784. The galaxy sits about 70 million light years away in the Leo II group.

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