Constellation - Draco

Constellation - Draco

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Draco the Dragon is a circumpolar constellation in the northern hemisphere, which means it can be seen by most people in the northern hemisphere all year round. Draco was one of the original 48 constellations described by Ptolemy.


There are many myths surrounding this dragon. The Romans described Draco as the dragon that was defeated by Minerva and thrown into the sky whereby it wrapped around the north pole. Other myths include Draco as being the one hundred headed Great Titan dragon, called Ladon that guarded the golden apples of Hesperides for Zeus' wife Hera. Hercules bested the dragon by sending it to sleep with music and killing it with arrows poisoned with the blood of Hydra. Hera took pity on the dragon and placed Ladon in the night sky.

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The objects listed below can be found around Draco. Click on the picture for information on how to find the deep space object.

C6, Cat's Eye Nebula:


M102, Spindle galaxy:




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