Constellation - Cepheus

Constellation - Cepheus

Cepheus Constellation

Cepheus, the King of Aethiopia is found in the northern hemisphere. It is the 27th largest constellation and was originally described by Ptolemy in the original 48 constellations. 


Cepheus was married to Cassiopeia who once boasted she was more beautiful than the sea nymphs. Posiedon was angered so he sent a sea monster to destroy Cepheus' land. To save his land Cepheus had to offer his daughter, Andromeda. She was saved from the sea monster, Cetus by Perseus who slayed the monster and claimed Andromeda as his bride.

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The objects listed below can be found around Cepheus. Click on the picture for information on how to find the deep space object.

C2, the Bow Tie Nebula:


C4, the Iris Nebula:


C12, the Fireworks Galaxy:


C9, the Cave Nebula:




C11, the Bubble Nebula:


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