Constellation - Cassiopeia

Constellation - Cassiopeia

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Cassiopeia is an easy to recognise and bright circumpolar constellation in the Northern hemisphere. It’s five main stars form the very distinctive ‘W’ pattern. It was included in the 48 constellations described by Ptolemy. Cassiopeia is found directly opposite the Big Dipper and contains many deep sky treasures.

An interesting fact about Cassiopeia is that if you looked at it from the nearest star to us, alpha centauri then our very own sun would become part of the constellation as a magnitude 0.5 star tagged onto the end of the constellation and turning it from a ‘W’ into a zigzag pattern.


Cassiopeia was an arrogant Queen. She was married to Cepheus, the king of Aethiopia. She boasted that her daughter, Andromeda was more beautiful than the Sea Nymphs. This angered Poseidon who sent the sea monster Cetus to destroy the King and Queen’s land. In order to stop this from happening Cassiopeia sacrificed her daughter by offering her to Cetus. However, Perseus came to Andromeda’s rescue and later married her. As punishment Cassiopeia was placed in the sky near to the celestial north pole so that she would forever spend half the year upside down.

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The objects listed below can be found around Cassiopeia. Click on the picture for information on how to find the deep space object.







C13, The Owl Cluster:


C14, The Double Cluster (75'):


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