Constellation - Camelopardalis

Constellation - Camelopardalis

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Camelopardalis, the Giraffe constellation in the northern hemisphere. This is the eighteenth largest constellation but it is faint. All the main stars are magnitude four or dimmer making this a constellation for darker skies. In order to find it follow the curve of Ursa Minor's handle through Polaris. This will lead you towards the apex point of the constellation. Alternatively, identify Cassiopeia and continue west. 

Thought to be invented in 1613 by Petrus Plancius to represent the animal that was ridden by Rebecca to marry Isaac in Christian mythology. 

The Camelopardalids is the meteor shower associated with this constellation and can be seen March 22nd with a low rate of one per hour.

Four of the stars in this constellation have been found to have planets orbiting around them.

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The object listed below can be found around Camelopardalis. Click on the picture for information on how to find the deep space object.



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