Constellation - Bootes

Constellation - Bootes

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Bootes, meaning herdsman is best seen in the northern hemisphere in summer. This constellation contains one of the brightest stars in the sky, Arcturus (labelled 0.1 on the chart). One of the original 48 star constellations described by Ptolemy is sometimes referred to as the Bear Driver. Not many deep space objects reside here. In fact, Bootes is home to the Bootes void, an area devoid of galaxies in the universe. The main reason for visiting Bootes is for the impressive annual meteor shower, Quadrantid that can be seen in early January.


Bootes has several myths associated with it. One is that Bootes was the herdsmen that drove the plough (Big Dipper) and oxen around the pole star causing the night sky to continue in perpetual motion. Another is that Bootes is the herdsman that invented the plough and so, was placed in the night sky as a reward for this achievement by Jupiter.

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