Astronomy Science

Astronomy Science 

Here you can find listed all the articles and blog posts related to the science of Astronomy. These are listed under Solar System, Beyond the Solar System, Space Missions and Other.

The Solar System

What Would Happen if the Earth Stopped Spinning?

The Surprising Thinness of Saturn's Rings

15 “Goldilocks" Factors That Allow Life on Earth to Exist

Why our Solar System May be Unique in the Milky Way

How Many Times Can Light Travel Around the Earth in 1 Second?

Landing sites on the moon and why we have never landed on the far side

A Quick Guide to Jupiter

Earth Portraits From Mars And Saturn 

Saturn Floats! But What if a Sea Was Found Large Enough to Sail It On? 

Where Went the Sun? Solar Cycles 

Why the Sun Will Become Hotter and Brighter 

Ice on Mercury 

Is Our Solar Eclipse Unique in the Universe? 

How Much Energy Does the Sun Produce? 

Life Already Found on Europa? 

Mercury Facts 

Agoudal (Imilchil) Meteorite Story 

The Floodplains on Mars 

How Much Space Debris Is There? 

What Does An Earthbound Solar Storm Look Like? 

The Rose Storm on Saturn 

What If The Planets Were As Close As The Moon? 

Will a Comet Hit Mars in 2014? 

Married and Middle Aged, Fancy a Trip to Mars? 

Pluto's New Moons Named Vulcan and Cerberus 

Comet PANSTARRS May Reach 2nd Magnitude 

Pluto's Other Four Moons 

Pluto's Fifth Moon Discovered 

Name Pluto's New Moons - Vote Now 

Asteroid Vesta's Dark Material 

Largest Non-Earth River on Titan 

Mercury Mapping - They Need You ! 

What Happened to the Spirit Rover? 

Want to Live on Mercury? 

Beyond The Solar System

What Will Happen To Us When Andromeda Hits?

The Evolution of the Constellations 

How Would Our Sun Look From Our Nearest Star System? 

Why the Speed of Light May Make it Impossible for Aliens to Ever Truly Visit Us

How Long Could Exoplanets Be Habitable For? 

Top 5 Best and Most Interesting Exoplanets 

The Least Massive Stars 

Travelling to Alpha Centauri 

The Brightest And Most Massive Star 

Debris Disk Rings, No Planets Needed 

How Long Would It Take For Humans To Populate The Galaxy? 

Just How Big Is The Milky Way? 

Our Black Hole Getting Ready For Dinner 

Finding Space Warps 

What Are Exoplanets Made From? 

Which Is The Biggest Galaxy Known? 

What Are White Holes? 

How Many Stars Are There In The Universe? 

Which Is The Largest Star Known And How Big Is It? 

Armchair Exoplanet Hunting with Kepler 

Amateur Planet Hunters Find 43 Possible Exoplanets 

Can Brown Dwarfs Have Planets? 

Green Vegetable Galaxies 

Earth Sized Planet Orbiting Our Nearest Star 

What Happens When You Tilt a Black Hole Video 

Super Earth Found in the Goldilocks Zone 

How Can Galaxies Travel Faster Than The Speed of Light? 

Planet Found With No Parent Star 

How Fast is the Speed of Light and How Far is a Light Year? 

Space Missions

Send Your Name Into Space Aboard OSIRIS-REx 

Spaceplane Rocket Engine Investment 

Gaia - ESA's mission to map the Milky Way 

Euclid - ESA's Dark Universe Mission 

Herschel Says Nighty Night 

What Happens To Wet Towels In Space? 

New Horizons Mission 

What Was the GRAIL Mission About? 

Kepler Identifies 461 New Planets 

Hubble's Extreme Deep Field Video 

Living On The International Space Station (ISS) 


How to Get a Job as an Astronaut

Inspiring Astronomy Video 

Earth Speaks - Your Chance To Talk To Aliens 

Radio Astronomy in Australia 

Fun Facts of the Week 

The Largest Solar Telescope In the World 

Fun Facts of the Week 

Fun Facts of the Week 

Was The Christmas Star An Astronomical Event? 

Fun Facts of the Week

The Dogon and Sirius B Mystery 

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