Olympus 8x40 DPSI Review: Binoculars for Astronomy

Olympus 8x40 DPSI Review: Binoculars for Astronomy?

Here is a review of the excellent Olympus 8x40 DPSI binoculars that received a 91% recommendation by the Sky at Night magazine.

Why Olympus 8x40 DPSI Binoculars?

These binoculars offer 8x magnification and a wide field of view of 8.2 degrees which provides an apparent angle of view of 65.6 degrees. This will allow you to find many of the messier deep space objects easily. Due to the slightly smaller 40mm size aperture they are light enough at 710 grams and comfortable enough to hold up to the night sky for prolonged periods of time without too much tremor. This is made more comfortable with the sure-grip rubber coating.  Binoculars larger than 10x50 usually require a tripod due to the magnification of your hand tremor resulting in poor observing. 

Another advantage for astronomy observing is that these binoculars have anti-reflective lens coating for better image brightness and contrast along with aspherical lens elements to minimise distortion. 

Olympus 8x40 DPSI 6.jpg

The exit pupil is 5mm. This is important for low light observing as your pupils dilate in the dark. Typically the exit pupil for daylight observing is around 2-3mm. 

Are they comfortable to look through? Well the eye relief is a nice 12mm and there is a diopter adjustment so that you can use the binoculars without glasses if you wish.

Due to the good depth of field the focuser rarely needs to be adjusted for astronomical observing. 

Video Review

This is a short video by Northern Optics that reviews the Olympus 8X40 DPSI binoculars.

What Others Think of the Binoculars

There are currently at the time of writing this 119 customer reviews on Amazon and they score these binoculars an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The reviewers tend to make a special note of the crystal clear optics and light weight which they feel for the incredible low price is outstanding. Here is a link to the product page on Amazon so you can read through the customer reviews yourself.

Link to Customer Reviews on Amazon


The price by the way is currently, at the time of writing, £58.99 which is a 36% discount on the RRP on Amazon.

Here is a link to the Amazon Product page for the latest prices:

Best Prices for Olympus 8x40 DPSI Binoculars


And here are some close-up pictures of the binoculars:

Olympus 8x40 DPSI 4.jpg

The accessories that come with the binoculars:

Olympus 8x40 DPSI 3.jpg

A view through the binoculars

Olypus 8x40 DPSI 2.jpg


The manufacturers of these binoculars feel they are excellent for wildlife and sports enthusiasts. So the binoculars are very versatile for other non-astronomy related activities too. This very fact combined with the 25 year warranty and 91% recommendation from the Sky at Night magazine makes these a fantastic purchase for beginners to astronomy.

You can find these binoculars and also the excellent Olympus 10x50 binoculars by using the link below:

Compare or Buy the Olympus 8x40 and 10x50 DPSI Binoculars Here


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