How to Choose a Barlow Lens

How to Choose a Barlow Lens

Orion 2x Shorty Barlow Lens

This video by Orion describes how to choose a Barlow lens and describes the range available.

A Barlow lens allows you to effectively double your eyepiece range. You simply put your eyepiece into the Barlow and it will magnify it depending on the Barlow. A 2x magnification Barlow is good for a long focal length telescope like most Makutov Cassegrains. A 3x is better suited to a short focal length telescopes.

The Barlow lenses come in short and long designs.  If you use a star diagonal or a refractor you are better off with the shorter design Barlow lenses.

The premium Barlow lenses come with 5 elements to improve optical quality.

Another good use for a Barlow is in astrophotography when you want to take images of planets or the moon. The Barlow will magnify the image on the webcam or DSLR video and help to bring out more detail in the final image.


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