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Learn Astronomy Headquarters started out as a website that I created in order to put a guide to Deep Space Objects (DSO) online. This was so I could access the position, size and brightness of these objects from my smartphone and netbook whilst outside in the darkness. Since then the website has grown to include a beginners guide to astronomy, a guide to constellations, deep space objects and dslr astrophotography. I now try to keep an active blog that includes all areas of amateur astronomy such as space news, facts, observing, astrophotography and equipment reviews. I hope the website will become a place for amateur astronomers to come and find useful and fun information on our fantastic and awe-inspiring hobby. I am always keen to hear from you so please leave comments or contact me via the contact form that can be found at the footer of every page.

Why a Constellation and Deep Space Objects Guide?

I found that from my suburban location with my 127mm telescope I would go outside at night, look at the part of the sky that wasn't occluded with houses and trees and wonder what I could actually see in that patch of dark sky. I spent hours looking for galaxies around Virgo that were simply too faint for my gear and location. I would find my mind starting to play tricks on me as I would guess if a slight variation in the background space was a nebula or not. What I needed was a guide that would tell me what to look for, how big it should be in the eyepiece, where in the sky I can find it and whether it was bright enough for my gear and location to have any chance of making it visible.

So, I started the constellation and DSO guide to help others like me to enjoy the sky. As the seasons pass I'm adding more constellations to my guide to help me and other amateur astronomers to find the deep space wonders. My aim for this website is to provide quality information and have a community of amateur astronomers share comments on the guide pages as to how they saw the objects, what gear they used and how difficult they were to observe. 

Why a Beginner's Guide to Astronomy?

When I started out in amateur astronomy I found myself spending more hours scouring the internet than actually observing. I had many questions and a lot of confusion. I took notes on everything I learned to refer to later. The guide was written from those notes to try and bring together answers to all the questions a novice might have. I am hopeful that as the website grows beginners will ask questions and I can gradually increase the beginners guide to become a thoroughly comprehensive resource.

The Learn Astronomy blog section of the site will provide, I hope, clear and easy to follow information on aspects of amateur astronomy that people can reference to improve their understanding and enjoyment of this sometimes bewildering hobby.

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